Our Approach

Since 1990, Bahl & Gaynor has pursued a unified fundamental investment philosophy predicated on long-term ownership of high-quality businesses that we believe are uniquely capable of compounding capital and dividends at attractive growth rates.

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* Bahl & Gaynor identifies assets under management as assets over which the firm has discretion (including high net worth and institutional accounts and certain platform assets). Assets under advisement include model-only platform assets over which the firm does not have discretion.

Our Process


Our Strategies

Income Growth

Seeking attractive current and growing income with downside risk protection and strong risk-adjusted returns.

Large Cap Quality Growth

Seeking accelerated income growth characteristics.

Dividend Growth ESG

Combining our dividend- growth philosophy with ESG integration.

smig® – Small/Mid Cap Income Growth

Applying our core income growth philosophy to small and midcap companies.

Small Cap Quality Growth

Seeking attractive risk- adjusted return opportunities in small dividend-paying companies.

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Our Team

Robert S. Groenke

Chief Executive Officer
Portfolio Manager & Principal

Kevin T. Gade, CFA, CFP®

Chief Operating Officer
Portfolio Manager & Principal

Stephanie S. Thomas, CFA

Managing Director, Institutional
Portfolio Manager & Principal

Nicholas W. Puncer, CFA, CFP®

Managing Director, Institutional
Portfolio Manager & Principal

Peter M. Kwiatkowski, CFA

Chief Investment Officer
Portfolio Manager & Principal

W. Jeff Bahl

Portfolio Manager & Principal

Ellis D. Hummel, CFP®

Portfolio Manager & Principal

Eleanor K. Moffat, CFA

Portfolio Manager & Principal

Ian T. Owens, CFA

Associate Portfolio Manager

Charles A. Pettengill, CFA

Board Chairman
Portfolio Manager & Principal

Keith H. Rennekamp, CFA, CFP®

Portfolio Manager & Principal

Scott D. Rodes, CFA

Portfolio Manager & Principal

Christopher M. Rowane, CFA

Portfolio Manager & Principal

James E. Russell, Jr., CFA

Portfolio Manager & Principal

John B. Schmitz, CFA

Portfolio Manager & Principal

J. Eric Strange, CFA

Portfolio Manager & Principal

Edward A. Woods, CFA

Portfolio Manager & Principal

Eric J. Zins, CFA

Associate Portfolio Manager

Katherine H. Kober, CFA

Portfolio Analyst

Jared A. Bresnen, CFA

Portfolio Analyst

Zach Smith

Research Associate

Alan Joseph

Research Associate

Daniel Joyce, III

Research Associate

Amanda Burton

RFP Coordinator

Tosha Gifford

Portfolio Administrator

Catherine Peery

RFP Coordinator

Matt Striegel

Portfolio Administrator

Matthew F. Volpenhein, CIPM

Director, Performance Measurement & Reporting

Eric Aber, CFA

Director of Software & Automation

Kit Andrews

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Jenelle M. Armstrong

Chief Adminstrative Officer

Scott Bucker

Director of Operations

Theresa A. Donohoe

Senior Trader

Jared Hatfield


Addison Hobbs, CPA

Director, Financial Reporting

Karen A. Hollstegge

Senior Accounting Administrator

Derrick C. Kihembo, CFA

Senior Trader

Christina M. Lannan

Accounting Administrator

Shelly E. Reilly

Senior Account Specialist

Tita A. Rogers, IACCP

Chief Compliance Officer

Jessica Sandlin

Compliance Administrator

Linda Snyder


Michael Trimble

Account Specialist

Glenn D. Warden

Chief Technology Officer

Our intense depth of knowledge regarding equity income growth and downside protection as drivers of risk-adjusted return sets us apart in our industry.

Institutional Advisory Services


We have extensive experience working with a variety of institutional clients including: foundations, endowments, religious institutions, public funds, pension, profit sharing and other ERISA plans. We consider ourselves a partner in our clients’ missions and are proud to have served many of our institutional clients since our 1990 inception.

Foundations, Pensions, & Other Non-Profits

Cash Flow-Focused Approach

Comprehensive, Bespoke Financial Advisory

Integrated Financial Modeling

Dedicated to Excellence in Client Service

Your Mission is Our Mission

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