In addition to Bahl & Gaynor’s extensive institutional experience, we have established relationships with various financial institutions to offer selected strategies in separately managed account, mutual fund and unit investment trust formats.

Our Strategies

Income Growth

Incepted in 2005, the Income Growth strategy was inspired by an unaddressed need among institutional clients to generate income today to fund spending objectives, but grow income and principal over time to expand the mission of the client organization.

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Large Cap Quality Growth

As Bahl & Gaynor’s longest-running strategy, Large Cap Quality Growth has been managed since the firm’s inception in 1990. The inspiration for this strategy was drawn from the portfolio management style Bill Bahl and Vere Gaynor applied with founding clients of Bahl & Gaynor in their roles prior to forming the firm.

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Due to the success enjoyed by Bahl & Gaynor’s large cap Income Growth strategy and further motivated by our ability to identify viable investment opportunities down the market cap range, the smig® strategy was incepted in 2013 by applying the same prioritized objectives to a portfolio of companies with market caps ranging from $200 million to $15 billion.

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Small Cap Quality Growth

The Small Cap Quality Growth strategy was formed in 2005, shortly after the Mid Cap Quality Growth strategy, confirmed by the same determination reached by Bahl & Gaynor’s Investment Committee: there exists a sufficient variety of small cap dividend-paying stocks to formulate an attractive strategy.

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Our Partners

Bahl & Gaynor has partnered with the following distribution partners who have served as trusted resources for financial advisors over many years: