Reduce Uncertainty. Increase Income.

Bahl & Gaynor believes an increasing focus on short-term results in financial markets is at odds with sound investment principles. High-quality, well-managed companies that exhibit consistent earnings growth and pay a growing dividend are often overlooked as competitive investment options. We find these attributes extremely attractive and worthy of long-term investment.

Conviction in the power of a strong dividend policy underlies our investment philosophy. A company’s dividend policy is indicative of:

Earnings power

Regular dividends and dividend increases serve as a useful proxy for management’s confidence in the business.

Earnings quality

The ability to pay cash from reported earnings confirms the inherent quality of those earnings.

Business stability

The ability to pay a dividend is an important indicator to investors that the company has a proven and sustainable business model.

Financial Strength

Dividends are a powerful tool in communicating financial health to capital markets.


Bahl & Gaynor’s Investment Committee is responsible for identifying investment opportunities according to each member’s sector or industry coverage. These opportunities are vetted through a consensus process at the Committee level during regular weekly meetings. Managed strategies are overseen by the Investment Committee. Individual portfolio managers, serving in their additional capacity as relationship managers, are responsible for implementing insights according to specific and unique client needs.

Therefore, Bahl & Gaynor clients receive not only the specialized attention adapted to their circumstances, but also the collective wisdom of our investment professionals and a consistent investment approach.