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June 2023

At Bahl & Gaynor, we do more than manage your assets. Our Financial Planning Team offers

Net Worth Analysis: detailed review of your assets and liabilities.
Cash Flow Planning: income, expenses, savings projections, and social security analysis.
Retirement Planning: income planning as you transition from a paycheck, analysis of healthcare funding needs, retirement goals and sustainable spending levels.
Portfolio Structure: review your unique investment goals, risk tolerance, time horizons, and liquidity needs.
Risk Management Considerations: insurance coverage review.
Concentrated Position Analysis: risk analysis of concentrated stock positions and tax consequences.
Tax Strategies: coordinate a tax strategy plan with your CPA to minimize taxes.
Estate Planning: legacy, charitable, and asset protection goals.
Education Funding: cost analysis for private schools and universities, savings strategies to meet your goals.
Philanthropic Bequests: planning for charitable gifting, donor advised funds, and private foundation strategies.
Bahl & Gaynor does not provide tax or legal advice. All investments inherently have aspects of risk associated with them; past performance is not guarantee of future results.