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Volatile Markets and Staying the Course

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February 24, 2022

Are there lessons to be learned for investors on days when the stock market sees large swings? WKRC reporter Paula Toti spoke with our Nick Puncer about the Ukraine invasion and other market forces and if they should affect our investment decisions.

“I think the market has been reacting to a lot of pressures that have maybe culminated in the invasion news that we had this morning… things like rising energy prices, the fear that inflation might be a bit more durable. So there has been some of this action reflected in the market already but it’s really just come to a head with today’s news.” Puncer says moving forward, he advises investors stay the course.

“Our interactions with Russia from a trade standpoint are actually pretty minimal. They have more trade with Europe and that’s why Europe stocks reacted a bit more negatively. Our energy sources are relatively independent from Russia and our financial conditions are usually not as tied to ex-U.S. markets. So I think our sense is you have to stay the course with the investment plan that you have in place. Geopolitics can be scary but you have to remove emotion from the decision around what you do in the markets. We think that this ultimately too will pass, and you have to focus on what’s best for you and your family.”



Nick Puncer, CFA, CFP
Portfolio Manager & Principal

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